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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pewter typically used for?

Pewter is used to make many household items such as utensils, dinnerware, trays, goblets, steins, and serving pieces .

Is pewter a precious metal?

Pewter History. Pewter is a splendid metal with its own merits and qualities that make it a fine precious metal for both decorative and practical applications. Pewter historically was an alloy of *tin and lead (up to 50% Pb). It became popular in kitchen ware such as plates, mugs, and utensils.

Is pewter a good metal for jewelry?

A few might also add platinum to the list. It’s likely that few would think of pewter. Even though lots of jewelry makers and owners favor pewter jewelry for good reasons, people may not always recognize this valuable alloy when they see it. Worldwide, pewter is actually the fourth-most-common metal for jewelry making.

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