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Frequently Asked Questions

What are books in Persona 5?

Books are items that can be read during the Daily Life segment in the Persona series. The protagonist is able to read books in their spare time; each different book has different attributes and rewards. A common effect books can give are Social Stat boosts.

What do you think about Persona 5 Royal?

Persona 5 Royal expands the collection of books. A novel based on Arsène. His clever tricks makes you knowledgeable. The tale of the fearless Captain Kidd. Reading this would build guts. The story about Zorro, the gentleman bandit.

What can you do inpersona 5?

Persona 5 allows the player to perform a variety of activities. There are mini games like the fishing mini game, or playing video games and even a batting mini game. These are all good for some spending some time in the game’s world and they provide additional skills on top of it.

How many books can the protagonist borrow at a time?

When taking books from the Shujin Academy library, the protagonist may only borrow 1 book at a time. If the protagonist Ranks up Sadayo Kawakami 's Confidant, on certain days, he can earn additional time in class to perform certain activities, including reading.

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