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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students log in to workday?

Students can also log into Workday, click on their profile picture (or Cloud) in the upper right corner, click on View Profile, then in the green area on the left click on Contact to see their college email address. What is my password? Your email password is your College password, which is the same that you use to log into Workday.

What's central to workday's success?

Central to Workday is that upon login, students can hit the Canvas button and they are automatically signed into Canvas. “All of these systems are connected together, which is another great feature we have with Workday,” Pedersen said. In addition to the benefits to students, Pedersen said Workday features also help staff and faculty.

How do I get my PBSC email address?

Please go to the Admissions website to contact your campus Admissions Office or contact the College Registrar's Office at (561) 868 -3300 to have your information sent to you. You may also visit Student Services in person to get your information. Is there a charge for this? No. PBSC email addresses are completely free for our students!

What has gone live with workday student ERP?

Join us in celebrating the first Go Live with our Workday Student ERP. Here is a peek at what has gone live as of August 5th 2019. Workday has reimagined higher education by creating a Student Experience that makes the most sense. The ability to ensure informed academic decisions.

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