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Frequently Asked Questions

What is workday student?

Workday Student Workday Student includes all Student functions including recruitment, admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, student records, curriculum management and student financials. It is the final Workday module to be implemented with the functionality coming in stages.

How do I set up my PBSC email/username with workday?

BEFORE you get started on your journey with us using Workday, please check your personal email inbox for the email entitled "Workday Student Account Setup." This email will provide you with your PBSC email/username that will be needed in setting up for 2fa (Two Factor Authentication) and Workday account setup.

What's central to workday's success?

Central to Workday is that upon login, students can hit the Canvas button and they are automatically signed into Canvas. “All of these systems are connected together, which is another great feature we have with Workday,” Pedersen said. In addition to the benefits to students, Pedersen said Workday features also help staff and faculty.

How do I set up my workday student account?

After you have applied and have received an email that includes your email address, you will be able to set up your Workday student account and password. To assist you in setting up your Workday account, we ask that you follow the Workday Student Account Setup Guide. When creating a password, keep in mind the PBSC password requirements shown below:

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