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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original PBS Kids logo?

The first PBS Kids logo was based on PBS 1984 logo and was animated by Gene Mackles, as part of PBS ' ongoing transformation of its children's strand. It consisted of three stylized P-Heads, depicted as living things, complete with appendages, named the P-Pals, set on a white background.

What is the PBS Kids logo for bubble VII?

PBS Kids IV", "The PBS Kids Bubble VII" Logo: The 1st ident of the set is Dash, the boy, who is seen ice-skating on a pond. Suddenly, he feels the ground shake and he stops. Then, the camera pans out to reveal that he is in a snow globe, which is held by Dot, who giggles, "Doink!" Snowflakes are seen during the circular PBS Kids logo.

What are some nicknames for the PBS logo?

Nicknames: "Logo of Boredom", "Logo that Looks like an In-Credit Logo", "The PBS Kids Bubble VI" Logo: We see the words " THIS PROGRAM WAS PARTIALLY FUNDED BY " with PBS Kids (with KIDS above, not in the logo) logo above.

What happened to the dot version of PBS Kids?

Also, Dash's PBS Kids logo is seen on every variation, meaning that the Dot version is retired. Variants: Like the previous logo, here are some of the variations of the activities included:

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