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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arkansasarkansas PBS?

Arkansas PBS will broadcast streamlined, curriculum-based programming for the state’s pre-K through 8th grade students in response to mandatory school closures due to the new coronavirus. Utilizing the power of television, broadcast content will be specifically targeted to children enrolled in pre-K through the 8th grade.

What is PBS Kids?

PBS KIDS has been the No. 1 educational media brand for 14 years. PBS KIDS is the No. 1 educational media brand and the No. 1 source of media for our nation's preschool teachers. PBS helps prepare children for success in school and in life and learn reading, math and essential skills.

How old is dash from PBS Kids?

Dash is the former main host of PBS Kids. He is Dot 's older brother. He was 7 years old in 1999-2008, and 9 years old in 2008-2013, up until his retirement in the Fall 2013 redesign. After the redesign, he is 14 years old. In October 7, 2013, Dash was replaced by his two younger siblings, Del and Dee, appeared in his place.

What is Arkansas PBS Passport?

Arkansas PBS Passport provides donors access to current and archival programs from both PBS and Arkansas PBS and is available via Arkansas, and other digital platforms. Arkansas PBS Passport is available to Arkansas PBS Foundation donors who contribute at least $60 annually or $5 or more monthly.

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