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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBS Kids Play?

PBS KIDS PLAY! was a paid educational subscription service for kids age 3-6 that uses PBS TV characters (Curious George, Mama Mirabelle, The Berenstain Bears, and more) to teach. Through the multi-leveled games, kids can learn a number of age-specific things.

When did PBS start?

Founded by Hartford N. Gunn Jr., PBS began operations on October 5, 1970, taking over many of the functions of its predecessor, National Educational Television (NET), which later merged with Newark, New Jersey station WNDT to form WNET.

What happened to PBS Kids on the website?

PBS Kids network was relaunched on January 16, 2017 with a live stream of the channel on the PBS Kids website and video app; no changes were made to the main PBS Kids block. The block is counter programmed from the network, thus the same show would not be shown at the same time on the network and block.

How many files are there in the PBS Kids wiki?

PBS Kids Go! We currently have over 1,118 articles and 11,744 files ! This Wiki is an unofficial collaborative database containing PBS Kids Content and its shows. Please read our Policy before you get started. If you need help or have any questions, ask our Friendly Administrators .

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