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Frequently Asked Questions

How can healthcare professionals define patient engagement?

"The concept of patient engagement can be defined as the desire and capability to actively choose to participate in care in a way uniquely appropriate to the individual in cooperation with a healthcare provider or institution for the purposes of maximizing outcomes or experiences of care," they reported.

What is the evidence shows about patient activation?

What the evidence shows about patient activation: better health outcomes and care experiences; fewer data on costs. Patient engagement is an increasingly important component of strategies to reform health care. In this article we review the available evidence of the contribution that patient activation-the skills and confidence that equip patients to become actively engaged in their health care-makes to health ou ....

Why is patient engagement so important?

Patient engagement is the holy grail of an effective healthcare delivery system. With healthcare reform on everyone's lips, it is critical to any successful reform because without engaged patients, even the most promising of reforms is unlikely to take hold.

What is patient engagement in healthcare?

Patient engagement is an ideal healthcare situation in which people are well-informed about -- and motivated to be involved -- in their own medical care.

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