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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with pass+?

With Pass+ you can upload 1,000 photos in under an hour. And good news! Your clients can download even faster! The new store comes with built in sales and marketing and you can send ready-made products straight to your clients! Free. Free. and more free. Sounds good to me.

What is the meaning of the word passed?

9 : to move from one place or condition to another The business has passed to new ownership. 10 : to be or cause to be approved The Senate passed the bill. 11 : to be or cause to be identified or recognized She tried to pass for an expert. : to let go by : refuse It was an offer too good to pass up.

What is the meaning of pass in geography?

Definition of pass (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : a means (such as an opening, road, or channel) by which a barrier may be passed or access to a place may be gained especially : a low place in a mountain range 2 : a position to be held usually against odds

What is the meaning of pass in a card game?

Definition of pass. b : to throw or hit a ball or puck to a teammate —often used with off took the ball and quickly passed off to a teammate 12 a (1) : to decline to bid, double, or redouble in a card game Her bridge partner passed.

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