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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create paper?

Make Your Own Paper. Fill the blender about 2/3 full with warm water. Pulse the blender until the pulp is smooth. If you are going to write on the paper, blend in 2 teaspoons of liquid starch. Set your mold in a shallow basin or pan. You can use a cookie sheet or a sink. Pour the blended mixture into the mold.

What is standard format of paper?

As far as APA format for standard essay format is concerned, the writer has to place 1 inch margin on all sides of the paper. Times New Roman with 10 or 12 font size is a standard.

What is the best paper for resume printing?

Plain white paper is the best paper for a resume. Most resumes need to be easily scanned, because companies usually keep resumes as digital files in searchable databases rather than as paper copies. A simple sans serif font is also the most suitable for emailed or printed resumes.

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