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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Panthera mean?

User Submitted Meanings A user from Nigeria says the name Panthera is of Latin origin and means "Panther (leopard)". Search for more names by meaning. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Panthera to us below

What does genus Panthera mean?

Panthera is a genus within the Felidae family that was named and first described by the German naturalist Oken in 1816. The British taxonomist Pocock revised the classification of this genus in 1916 as comprising the species lion, tiger, jaguar, and leopard on the basis of cranial features.

Which big Cat is not in the genus Panthera?

Although cheetahs are not in the Panthera genus (they are in their own Acinonyx genus) - and are smaller in size and weight than all cats in Panthera genus - they are sometimes referred to as a type of big cat.

What species are Panthers?

Panther Classification and Evolution. The Panther (also commonly known as the Black Panther) is a large member of the Big Cat family, native to Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Panther is not a distinct species itself but is the general name used to refer to any black coloured feline of the Big Cat family, most notably Leopards and Jaguars.

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