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Frequently Asked Questions

How can painting with a twist help you?

Whether you want to get rid of that first-date pressure or you're celebrating your 20th anniversary, your local Painting with a Twist can turn your next date night into an unforgettable experience! When you're planning on getting the girls back together for a long-overdue friend reunion, a little wine and some conversation can go a long way!

Does painting with a twist have a sip and paint event?

No matter if it's girls' night, date night, or Tuesday night, your nearby Painting with a Twist has a sip and paint event for you! Find a painting event near you. Looking for a paint and sip experience that's fun? That's Painting with a Twist!

Is painting with a twister worth it?

It was so worth it!" Join us for a fun and creative way to support the causes you care about. To date, Painting with a Twisters have donated more than $5 million to local and national nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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