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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best type of paint to use when painting a pumpkin?

Use an acrylic paint to paint the pumpkin. If you have other paint at home but aren't sure if it'll work on the pumpkin, test it out on a small part of the pumpkin to see if it sticks first. Pick a color that complements your design. If you're drawing a goblin, pick an eerie green color for your background.

What kind of paint to use on pumpkins for outside?

Painting blue pumpkins uses the same technique as painting the white pumpkins, only using a few different colors. Use the stencil brush to paint blue onto another pumpkin. Dab the blue paint while it’s still wet with the sea sponge. Use the fan brush dipped in gray and brown craft paint to fill in the ridges.

How do you paint Pumpkins for Halloween?

Choose any number of eerie shapes to paint on your Halloween pumpkin decorations: think crow, black cat, bat, witch, or spider. Apply a coat of varnish after the paint dries to protect the pumpkin from the elements. Tufts of garden moss help keep the pumpkin stable on its birdbath perch.

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