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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as an outreach trainer?

If you are a new Outreach Trainer you will need to register on the portal first by following the directions in the FAQs below. If you are a NEW Outreach trainer, you must register in the portal. Select Register, complete trainer data, upload trainer card and submit.

What is the outreach portal?

The Outreach Portal is a web based system designed to provide a more efficient method to request certification cards as well as improve your record keeping and reporting capabilities. The Outreach Portal is available in a standard browser version and optimized for mobile platforms.

Are the courses within the outreach training program considered a certification?

None of the courses within the Outreach Training Program is considered a certification. Through this program, workers can attend 10-hour or 30-hour classes delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers.

What is OSHA outreach training?

The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides workers with basic and more advanced training about common safety and health hazards on the job. Students receive an OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour course completion card at the end of the training.

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