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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create an effective outreach strategy?

For outreach to be effective, businesses must invest time in research and strategizing before making contact. Fortunately, there is plenty of information online to help create an effective strategy for individual business needs. There are various outreach strategies that can be used in unison to improve content reach and SEO.

Is Harris County's $11 million public outreach contract a'best practices'?

Within a Harris County administration which touts so-called "Best Practices" on a near constant basis, the recent delivery of an $11 million public outreach contract for "Targeted Community Vaccine Delivery" is drawing both scrutiny and concern.

What's wrong with your outreach strategies?

The problem with most outreach strategies is this: Using a dozen email sequence software tools to get the job done. You can’t bounce from platform to platform and manage all of the steps and interactions of outreach without a few key targets slipping through the cracks or a lack of personalization.

Do personalized outreach strategies really work?

Once you’ve made the first contact with your personalized emails, it’s time to actively engage on social and form your relationship. Personalized outreach strategy only works if you are genuine. If you really care about the prospects value and content. High-level editors, influencers, and writers aren’t dumb.

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