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Frequently Asked Questions

Why outreach outreach?

Outreach makes it easy to reach your community with the gospel through high-quality and affordable indoor banners, outdoor banners , church invite cards, door hangers, postcards and more!

How long is the free trial for outreach digital?

Every plan includes a 14-day free trial so that you can see the Outreach Digital difference. Start increasing your digital ministry presence today. Ready to get started? Start your 14-day free trial now.

How many outages a month does outreach have?

There are about 1-2 outages a month. It can react a bit slowly at times. As a user who has to make 50+ calls a day and send/receive 20-30 emails a day, even the smallest issues can sometimes seem more than they are. I have used some competitors, though (8 in total), and I can confidently say that Outreach is in the top half.

Why outreach for SDRs?

“Outreach gave us the ability to personalize emails, give SDRs visibility, weave in call tasks, social touches and integrate with Salesforce -- it integrates nicely with all the systems we know, love and already use.” “Before Outreach, it was hard to enforce best-practice...

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