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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outreach ministry?

Every church is also called to help others in need. Examples of this kind of outreach can include serving the poor, homeless outreach, prison ministry, serving at hospitals, hospice centers, or nursing homes, children's outreach, helping immigrants or refugees, or the disabled.

What are community outreach programs?

Community outreach programs are a standard way for groups such as social service agencies, nonprofit groups, and church or other religious groups to identify a certain specific need in its community and provide services to the people who need it.

What is Biblical outreach?

Bible Outreach. National Bible Societies provide on-the-ground support for those who receive Bibles in the language and format they need in order to comprehend God’s Word and put its life-changing message into action. Together we are working with local dioceses, cathedrals and churches of all denominations.

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