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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of outer?

Definition of outer. 1 : existing independent of mind : objective outer reality. 2a : situated farther out the outer limits. b : being away from a center the planet's outer rings.

What is a synonym for outer?

Synonyms for Outer: adj. •external, exposed (adjective) superficial, extrinsic, extraneous, peripheral, over, exterior, outward, beyond, alien, outermost, surface, outside, exoteric, Without, remote, outlying, outmost. n. Other synonyms: • outdoors, alfresco, open air, over, outdoor.

What is the opposite of outer?

BĀṬEN (inner, hidden), the opposite of ẓāher (outer, visible). Both can be predicated of living beings; in the Koran (57:3) God is al-ẓāher wa’l-bāṭen. Most frequently, however, bāṭen or ẓāher is associated with the concept ʿelm (knowledge).

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