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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an osbosbm fund?

OSBM has traditionally considered a "Fund" to refer to a group of related programs or activities. The University of North Carolina uses the term "Purpose Code." The North Carolina Accounting System refers to it as a "Center," and the Office of State Controller uses "fund" and "center" interchangeably.

What does OSBM do for agencies?

OSBM provides technical assistance and guidance to agencies in carrying out their delegated responsibilities related to budget execution. OSBM also monitors and considers requests to make budget adjustments within the framework of the State Budget Act, other relevant state and federal legislation, and rules and policies.

What are the different types of funding sources used in OSBM?

In the execution of the budget, OSBM uses the following four categories to distinguish between state funding sources. The General Fund is made up of tax revenues (non-transportation) such as individual income tax, sales tax, franchise tax, corporate tax, insurance premium tax, and other smaller tax revenue sources.

What happens after I apply for an OSBM grant?

After you apply online or contact OSBM, the OSBM team will call you back to learn more about your property repair needs. They will also schedule a site visit of your damaged home or property. Your case information will then be reviewed for a final grant award determination.

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