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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the osblsw?

The OSBLSW strives to process an application for licensure within a reasonable length of time. To be committed to protecting the public from the aberrant practices of any licensed social work professional.

What is the Oklahoma State Board of licensed social workers verification service?

This verification service provides current data extracted by the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers (OSBLSW) from its own database. The data in this website is provided by and controlled entirely by the OSBLSW and therefore constitutes a primary source verification of licensure status as authentic as a direct inquiry to the OSBLSW.

How do I contact the osblsw?

For information regarding those categories not included in the database and/or concerns about inconsistencies or other data issues that may be identified from time to time, contact the OSBLSW. For issues related to verification data, please contact: [email protected] or Phone (405) 521-3712.

What is the purpose of the Oklahoma Department of social work?

To safeguard the welfare of the public of the State of Oklahoma by establishing, promoting and enforcing high standards of practice for licensed social workers. To have strong public awareness of social work practices within the state.

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