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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Oregon State University have a math department?

Oregon State University's Department of Mathematics invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 9-month, tenure track Assistant Professor. Priority will be given to candidates who have a proven record of success in research in areas of Analysis, Probability, or Mathematical Biology.

Should I take a review course or a college algebra?

For example, if you place into Differential Calculus (MTH 251), you can opt to take Elementary Functions (MTH 112) or College Algebra (MTH 111). While some students benefit from taking a review course to build a more solid foundation, others find themselves frustrated and bored in courses too far below their current math knowledge.

How is Aleks used at Oregon State University?

At Oregon State University ALEKS is used for placement into Mathematics courses, as well as to help you prepare for your course through the use of Prep and Learning Modules. I have a disability that may require accommodations. Can ALEKS be adjusted to fit my needs?

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