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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there black raspberries in Oregon?

• The native red raspberry (Rubus strigosus) is more difficult to find, but is native to broad areas of Oregon, including at higher elevations. Deer and other animals typically eat these red raspberries before humans have the opportunity. • The native black raspberry (Rubus leucodermis), in contrast, is easy to identify by its purple stems.

What are the different types of raspberries?

here are two main types of raspberries: red and black. Yellow-fruited raspberries result from a mutation of red raspberries that prevents the formation of red color; they are grown exactly the same as red raspberries. Purple raspberries, a third type, are a hybrid between black and red raspberries.

What are the best berries to pick in Oregon?

Oregon raspberries and blackberries burst with the sweet, juicy taste of summer. Picked at the peak of ripeness, our berries are available frozen year round and are ideal for snacking, baking, and making jam. Why do Oregon berries taste so good?

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