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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oregon Public transportation plan?

The Oregon Public Transportation Plan, or OPTP, is the statewide mode plan for all forms of public transportation and is an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan. The OPTP establishes a statewide vision for the public transportation system, with goals, policies, and strategies to point the way towards achieving that vision.

What is the Oregon Bicycle and pedestrian plan?

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a statewide policy plan and serves as an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan, or OTP, which covers all modes of transportation in the state of Oregon.

What is the Oregon freight plan and how does it work?

This document summarizes those actions and lays out ODOT’s approach. The purpose of the Oregon Freight Plan, or OFP, is to improve freight connections to local, state, tribal, regional, national and international markets with the goal of increasing trade-related jobs and income for Oregon workers and businesses.

What is the Oregon Aviation Plan?

The Oregon Aviation Plan is a comprehensive evaluation of Oregon's aviation system and will serve as a guide for future aviation development.

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