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Frequently Asked Questions

What license do I need to perform radiological procedures in Oregon?

In Oregon, a person must hold a License issued by OBMI in a specific modality in order to perform radiological procedures in that modality. What if I need more than 6 months to complete my clinical requirements?

Are there any exceptions to getting an Oregon medical imaging license?

There are no exceptions and no licenses will be issued until the Oregon State Police verify your background. Once I get my Permanent Initial License then what? Once you have your Permanent Initial License, you can perform medical imaging within the scope of your practice.

What is the role of the Oregon Board of medical imaging?

"The mission of the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging is to promote, preserve and protect the public health, safety and welfare of Oregonians who are undergoing medical imaging studies performed by agency license and permit holders for the purpose of medical diagnosis and therapy."

How do I get a state certificate of Radiologic proficiency?

Complete one of the following two requirements and apply to DANB for a state certificate of radiologic proficiency by credential: a. Be certified in another state that has training and certification requirements substantially similar to Oregon’s, OR

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