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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tickets to the Oregon State Fair?

Official tickets to Oregon State Fair concerts are ONLY available via the Fair’s website at Beware of all unauthorized online ticketing websites attempting to sell bogus tickets that cannot be honored by the Oregon State Fair.

Is FunFun at the Oregon State Fair 2021?

Fun Makes a Comeback at the Oregon State Fair August 27-September 6! Admission tickets are available now. Here’s your chance to save big on adult admission tickets to the 2021 Oregon State Fair. Normally $8 at the gate, the Fair’s advance, discount adult admission is just $5. Plus, you save $1 on child admission tickets when you buy in advance.

Why the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem?

The Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem is unique among this state’s event locations. We’re talking 185 acres of venue excellence. With a range of proven facilities, backed by a very professional brand of support services. Our goal is to help event planners achieve their attendance goals while delivering a top quality event.

What does the Oregon State Fair Foundation do?

A portion of proceeds benefit the Oregon State Fair Foundation, who support the fairgrounds to preserve this great Oregon event and gathering space for future generations! This event is 21+.

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