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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Oregon State Fair Horse Show start?

Multi Breed Oregon State Fair Horse Show starts Tuesday, August 31st and runs through Monday, September 6th, showcasing many breeds of horses over the course of 7 days. Multiple performances each day of various breeds with special performances each evening showcasing the majestic Draft Horse.

When is the Oregon State Fair 2021?

The Oregon State Fair is scheduled for August 27th-September 6th, 2021. Check back before the fair begins for daily event highlights!

How do I purchase tickets to the Oregon State Fair?

Tickets to the Oregon State Fair can be purchased in advance online, but if you prefer to buy tickets in person, the Jackman Long Box Office is open for four days leading up to the Fair, where you can purchase for the same discounted advanced prices as online. When the Fair begins... Full-priced Admission Tickets are sold at all entry gates

Why the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem?

The Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem is unique among this state’s event locations. We’re talking 185 acres of venue excellence. With a range of proven facilities, backed by a very professional brand of support services. Our goal is to help event planners achieve their attendance goals while delivering a top quality event.

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