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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inheritance tax rate in Oregon?

The federal government does not levy an inheritance tax. Oregon has no inheritance tax. When state residents and individuals who own property in the state begin their estate planning process, they may need to take Oregon's estate tax into consideration.

Does Oregon have inheritance tax?

There are NO Oregon Inheritance Tax. All inheritance are exempt in the State of Oregon. If the total Estate asset (property, cash, etc.) is over $5,430,000, it is subject to the Federal Estate Tax (Form 706). The Federal estate tax only affects .02% of Estates.

Is your inheritance considered taxable income?

Inheritance income is taxable income received from an inheritance. Inheritances are treated specially under tax law, and not all aspects of an inheritance will be subject to income taxes. Exceptions include inheritances over a certain amount, as well as inheriting specific types of accounts, like retirement accounts.

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