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Frequently Asked Questions

How many branch locations does Oregon State Credit Union have?

Oregon State CU 15 Branch Locations - hours, phone numbers, maps and more. Credit Union Locator Calculators Rates Blog Oregon State Credit Union Locations ServicesBranch Locator

Does Oregon State Credit Union have ATMs in Albany?

Learn more: branch services and safety. Your Oregon State Credit Union in Albany offers ATM, branch, or phone access: call 800-732-0173.

Where do I send mail to Oregon State Credit Union?

Send mail to: Oregon State Credit Union, PO Box 306, Corvallis, OR 97339-0306 This is not a secure email. Please do not include any member or private information using this form. If you need to include such information please use the secure email system within online account access or call us. What do you need assistance with? Select...

What is the routing number for Oregon State Credit Union?

The Oregon State Credit Union routing number is: 323274270. Danelle Kindred, formerly our branch manager in Monmouth, is a 25-year Albany resident. She started with Oregon State Credit Union in 2009 and moved into her first of three management roles in 2013.

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