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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mailing address for Oregon State Credit Union?

Linn/Benton counties: 541-714-4000 Linn/Benton counties: 541-714-4040 Send mail to: Oregon State Credit Union, PO Box 306, Corvallis, OR 97339-0306 This is not a secure email. Please do not include any member or private information using this form.

Why Oregon State Credit Union online banking?

Use Oregon State Credit Union online account access to manage your finances from your desktop or mobile device. You’ll be able to: Access account information, pay bills with online banking, deposit or transfer money, view balances and history, see estatements and more. Enroll in online banking and take advantage of this time-saving service.

How many members does Oregon credit union have?

It's the 6th largest credit union in Oregon with assets totaling $1.76 Billion and providing banking services to more than 126,000 members. Membership: The credit union is a community-based financial institution.

How do I pay off my Oregon State Credit Union loan?

Pay loans with your debit card — Use your debit card from another financial institution to pay an Oregon State Credit Union loan. Pay It Now — Send money to a friend or transfer funds to another account using Pay It Now. Skip a loan payment — Evaluate your Skip a Payment options, apply online.

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