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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oregon State Capitol CAMS project?

The CAMS project will increase accessibility of the Oregon State Capitol to allow Oregonians of all physical abilities to participate in the legislative process. Interior doors will be altered to increase accessibility. Levers will be added to door handles while still maintaining the historic character of the door knobs.

What's new at the Oregon State Capitol?

Flaking plaster in the artwork in the rotunda will be repaired, as well. The Oregon State Capitol should be a safe and secure place to work and visit. To address these needs, the project has relocated the Oregon State Police to the first floor, and repaired the failing fire detection system in the Governor's ceremonial office.

Why does the Oregon State Legislature live stream meetings?

The Oregon State Legislature live-streams and archives meetings to ensure public access. Trouble watching video or have questions? We're here to help - find support and answers here! Enter complete address The complete address is required because multiple legislative districts may be contained within a single zip code.

What is the capital of Oregon?

The capital city of Oregon, Salem, sits in the centre of the exuberant Willamette Valley, and offers attractions such as historic sites, museums and cultural events. Portland is the largest city in the state, with around sixty percent of the state's population residing within the Portland metropolitan area.

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