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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oregon State Capitol CAMS project?

The CAMS project will increase accessibility of the Oregon State Capitol to allow Oregonians of all physical abilities to participate in the legislative process. Interior doors will be altered to increase accessibility. Levers will be added to door handles while still maintaining the historic character of the door knobs.

Are Oregon lawmakers ramping up security at the State Capitol?

The revelation comes as lawmakers prepare to ramp up safety protocols at Oregon’s Capitol building. Calls for such an effort came in the wake of the December demonstration and got louder after armed Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. RELATED: Oregon lawmaker under investigation for letting demonstrators into state Capitol

What is the capital of Oregon?

The capital city of Oregon, Salem, sits in the centre of the exuberant Willamette Valley, and offers attractions such as historic sites, museums and cultural events. Portland is the largest city in the state, with around sixty percent of the state's population residing within the Portland metropolitan area.

Where is Oregon in the US?

The state of Oregon is in the Pacific Northwest region on the Pacific Coast of the United States. It shares borders with California and Nevada in the south, Washington in the north, and Idaho in the east. Oregon is geographically very diverse offering wonderful landscapes of forests, mountains, high deserts, waterways and beaches.

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