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Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe to Scooter’s Coffee?

Subscribe to Scooter’s coffee delivery and enjoy 100% Arabica beans, sourced directly from farmers who take pride in their product. Discover everything Scooter’s Coffee.

What is the scooter's coffee Smiles program?

You will earn 3 Smiles for every $1 spent. For every 180 Smiles you earn, you will get a free drink added to your account. Additionally, Scooter’s Coffee may run promotions and give out rewards separate from the loyalty program.

Do scooter's smiles expire?

It’s important to note that your Smiles will expire 365 days after they are earned on your account. How do I earn a reward with the loyalty program? Scooter’s Coffee has a point-based loyalty program, which means you earn points for every $1 spent.

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