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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main characters in the orange cast?

Main Orange Cast. Naho Takamiya. voiced by Jill Harris and 1 other. Kakeru Naruse. voiced by Micah Solusod and 1 other. Hiroto Suwa. voiced by Jason Liebrecht and 1 other. Azusa Murasaka. voiced by Sarah Wiedenheft and 1 other.

What do you think about Orange anime?

Unfortunately, Orange is produced by Telecom Animation Film, a relatively unsuccessful studio. This leads to rather inconsistent or sloppy animation at times, but not quite enough to affect the show's overall atmosphere. The directing was a gleaming fault I can bring up as well.

Are the characters in Orange good or bad?

Most of the characters in Orange aren’t good or bad, but rather painfully average as they tend to play into various cookie cutter tropes due to the genre at hand. Starting from the bottom in a literal sense, we’ve got Naho.

Does Orange have a narrative?

Of course, Orange exposed its own narrative to these figurative pencil-pushers when it introduced the element into its story, and even I'll admit it is done rather half-assed. Did you know that throwing letters into a black hole somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle could, betwixt space and time, send them 10 years into the past?

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