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Frequently Asked Questions

What is B50 used for?

A high-dose supplement, it typically offers far more than the recommended dietary allowance. Normally used to prevent or treat nutrient deficiencies, vitamin B50 may be recommended for pregnant women or for people with certain medical conditions.

What does B50 complex do?

B50 Complex from webber naturals provides 50 mg of B vitamins in easy-to-swallow capsules. B vitamins play a key role in balancing the body's metabolism.They are necessary for a healthy nervous system, skin, eyes, liver and mucous membranes, and they act as catalysts or coenzymes in many of the body's functions that are essential for life.

What is B 50 vitamin?

Vitamin B6 is a specific B vitamin. B50 tends to refer to a B-complex vitamin, which usually contains several B vitamins together in one pill.

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