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Frequently Asked Questions

What is optionoption Alpha?

Option Alpha's new platform for autotrading was build as a web-based software that runs completely in the cloud which means you never have to download any local desktop software. We're always up, always running, totally secure.

What is option Alpha’s automated trading platform?

Research ideas, automate strategies, and make smarter trades with Option Alpha’s automated trading platform. It's that simple. Active bots are running inside our platform right now. Active positions currently open and monitored by bots. Automations in total are running inside those bots.

Why is option Alpha so bad at making adjustments?

Kirk du Plessis recommends making a large number of adjustments, causing high commission fees and stress Option Alpha's "trade alerts" are self-reported trades that don't provide size or verification that it's a real trade

How often do you trade options according to option Alpha?

Option Alpha also recommends trading often. Option Alpha favors selling iron flies on ETFs (leading to a high incidence of trades which will be challenged). Kirk Du Plessis does not teach the best option strategy if you're looking to make money.

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