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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job prospects for a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical Engineering – Job Description. A Mechanical Engineer is generally expected to fulfill the following duties. Designing and implementing economical equipment modifications to improve safety and reliability. Creating project specifications with team mates. Developing, designing, testing etc.

What companies hire Mechanical Engineers?

Oil and gas extraction companies often employ mechanical engineers to solve problems with their equipment or to invent new ways to perform their duties. Scientific research and analysis is one area consistent in hiring mechanical engineers, as is the transportation and navigation industry.

What are the highest paying mechanical engineering jobs?

Highest-paying mechanical engineer jobs Automation engineer. Primary duties: Automation engineers design, build and maintain self-operating machines and processes. Research and development engineer. Primary duties: Research and development engineers build new manufacturing methods and products. ... Senior mechanical engineer. ... Senior design engineer. ... Powertrain engineer. ... Instrumentation engineer. ...

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