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Frequently Asked Questions

What is opportunities for africanans? is an online portal that connects Africans to the latest life changing opportunities around the globe such as Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships and Volunteering Opportunities.

What are the opportunities for Africans newsletter?

Weekly Opportunities for Africans Newsletter: Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships, World Bank Group Young Professional Program, Bitch Media Writing Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarships and many more... Opportunity Round up – Top Opportunities for Africans for the Month of November 2018.

What are the opportunities provided for African citizens/students in South Africa?

This list of opportunities provided for African citizens/students makes it possible for them to participate in global trends, like competitions, scholarship programs, sweepstake, etc. These opportunities include essay contests, photo contests, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, grants, bursaries, etc.

What opportunities are open to African entrepreneurs worldwide?

We have compiled below a list of opportunities that are open to Africans worldwide. Some of these include academic fellowships, internships, Jobs, Incubation and immersion programmes for entrepreneurs, competitions and their likes. These Openings have varying degrees of funding and cut across many disciplines.

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