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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some songs that feature “why AI OAH oh oh oh”?

There’s also of course the New Kids’ “Whoa oh oh AH oh” in “Hangin’ Tough.” On the even less mature side, there’s the amazing Cyndi Lauper song “The Goonies ‘r Good Enough” which features a prominent “Why ai oah oh OH!”

What song has a little bit different than “whoaaa OOO Oh oo oo”?

It’s a little bit different because the chorus goes “Whoaaa ooo oh oo ooooah …. Whooooaa ooooooaahhh ooo oh ooo oh ooo oh oo oh”. Great song. Classic lyrics. There have been so many good answers already (probably it really was Howard Jones’ “Things Can Only Get Better” that you were thinking of).

What is this “woah oh oh oh” thing called?

Ok, this woah oh oh oh woah oh oh oh thing is called the millennial whoop, and can be seen infesting pop music. It’s really annoying. I believe through all the woah oh oh oh’s you can find the some you’re looking for here:

What does Oooh mean in Charlotte?

Oh (lower) Oh (higher), oh (lower again) oooh oooh (both lower). Its in the general genre of good charlotte. Loud and fast. Its played as a radio intro a lot around here.

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