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Frequently Asked Questions

How many results have been seen for Ooh in Pond5?

Explore 1,082 results for ooh in the Pond5 Sound Effects collection. Created with Sketch.

What are some good songs with sound effects in them?

Sound Effect Witt Lowry - Used To You (Prod. By Dan Haynes) Wombo Combo! Sound Effect (Where you at!-) You look like mufucking uhhhhhh!

Is there a high definition machine gun sound effect?

Thanks to GunGuru for the sound. Here is a high definition machine gun sound effect. We made it by our self. Use it in your movies if you want to. Minigun starting up blasting hundreds of rounds and then winding back down. Very nice weapon sound effect. Sound of Heavy Machine Gun Fire. This would be great for a battlefield or war zone sound effect.

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