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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the song Hoo-Ooh?

Look for spinal muscular atrophy symptoms. that song “hoo-ooh” is actually for the belly dancers to perform well,during dancing on the stage, Encouraging song. basically it is audio song and womens dance on it but there are some videos made on it… Ridin solo till i die. That is what popped up in my head.

Who wrote whoa oh oh ohohoh?

Here’s a picture of Morris Day with his much more famous frenemy, Prince. Prince co-wrote the song under the pseudonym Jamie Starr, which is probably how come it sounds so catchy to this day. What's the name of the song with this chant "whoa oh oh-oh-oh/ whoa oh oh-oh"? What song has the lyrics Woah Oh Oh Oh?

How can I find a song that starts with Woohoo?

There are lots of songs using ‘Woohoo’ and without publishing year, genre etc. it’s hard to tell which it is. If you remember the melody record yourself humming ir, then you can use an app called soundhound. If that doesn't work try the website WhatZatSong. “Woo-hoo” by the Rock-a-Teens (1959).

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