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Frequently Asked Questions

What is onon24 engagement score?

ON24’s Engagement Score feature gathers and analyzes deep activity across live, on-demand, and personalized content experiences. It interprets participation and attentiveness and displays an individual’s engagement, conveying their interest level: the higher the engagement score, the greater engagement from your audience.

Is ON24 good for webinars?

ON24 is an excellent choice for webinars. Event organizers can quickly turn live content into on-demand videos. Users can take advantage of ON24’s deep audience analytics and insights through a real-time dashboard. Add automated closed captioning into the mix, and ON24 is a no-brainer, top-pick webinar solution. What types of events is On24 for?

What are the benefits of ON24 event management?

Event organizers benefit from ON24’s real-time audience engagement analytics, lead scoring, and ability to create playlists from recorded videos. Managing communication, training, and marketing functionalities while adhering to a people-first mindset is easier with ON24.

What is onon24 and how does it work?

ON24 excels at video and video-centric content. They offer live and on-demand videos, the ability to build playlists, engagement tools, analytics, and more. Analytics tools include an “Engagement Score” that provides event organizers with detailed audience activity information in relation to their video interest.

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