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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Oklahoma nicknamed the Sooner State?

Oklahoma, one of the central states in the United States, has the nickname The Sooner State. Oklahoma's Sooner State nickname refers to a group of people who claimed terrain in a tract of land known as the Unassigned Lands before it was considered legal to stake claims.

How did the Oklahoma Sooners get their team name?

The 19 men's and women's varsity teams are called the " Sooners ", a reference to a nickname given to the early participants in the Land Run of 1889, which initially opened the Unassigned Lands in the future state of Oklahoma to non-native settlement.

What are the Oklahoma Sooners called that?

People who live in Oklahoma or who come from Oklahoma are called Oklahomans or Oklahomians. Sometimes Oklahomans are referred to as Sooners. Click to see full answer.

Who is Oklahoma State quarterback?

Oklahoma State quarterback Taylor Cornelius is as unique as the tiny Texas town he comes from. Cornelius is the early favorite to win the Cowboys' starting job, with incoming freshman Spencer Sanders having been on campus for just six weeks, and Hawaii graduate transfer Dru Brown not expected in Stillwater until late July. The 6-foot-6,...

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