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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first map of Oklahoma made?

These maps are mostly depictions of Oklahoma and Indian Territory from 1827 to 1920. The U. S. Geological Survey Map Collection dates from 1892 to the 1950's. Three hundred of the older maps produced by the U. S. Geological Survey during both the territorial and statehood time of Oklahoma and Indian Territory have been digitized.

What kind of maps are in the Oklahoma collection?

Collection includes the original Oklahoma and Indian Territory maps housed in the Map Room that were classified using the Library of Congress numbering system. The G4020, G4021, G4022, G4023, and G4024 groups include general maps, subject maps, regional and natural feature maps, county maps, and city and town maps.

Is there an interactive county map of Oklahoma?

This Interactive Map of Oklahoma Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from the creation of the Oklahoma territory in 1819 to 1912. The Oklahoma D.O.T. Highway Department has prepared a series of 2003 county road maps.

Where can I find a plat of land in Oklahoma?

There are plat maps and other records for some of land allotments from 1889 to 1906 at the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Indian Archives. There are many plat maps of Oklahoma, case entry files and original tract books at the BLM.

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