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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the land run of 1889 in Oklahoma?

LAND RUN OF 1889. The Land Run of 1889, although not without precedent in the history of the West, began the disposal of the federal public domain in Oklahoma.

When was the first map of the Indian and Oklahoma territories?

Map of the Indian and Oklahoma territories, 1894; compiled from the official records of the General Land Office and other sources. Shows relief by hachures, drainage, Indian areas, districts, treaty dates, roads and trails, and the named railroads.

What is the history of the Oklahoma District?

The legal basis for opening the Oklahoma District, now called the Unassigned Lands, came in 1889 when, in the U.S. Congress, Illinois Rep. William Springer amended the Indian Appropriations Bill to authorize Pres.

What were the Unassigned Lands of Oklahoma?

The ink was hardly dry on Harrison's March 23, 1889, proclamation before Oklahoma settlement colonies were being formed in major U.S. cities. A multitude of impoverished farmers were not alone in their zeal to settle the Unassigned Lands, known popularly as the Oklahoma Lands.

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