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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the jail Trust and how does it work?

The jail trust was created in an attempt to improve conditions at the jail. That work has included removing the jail’s day-to-day operations from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and hiring an administrator to carry out the directives of the trust.

Where does the Oklahoma County Jail get its inmates?

The Oklahoma County Jail in downtown Oklahoma City initially receives all persons arrested by the Oklahoma City Police Department in Cleveland and Canadian counties. (Michael Duncan) The Oklahoma County Jail has been plagued by trouble since it opened in 1991.

What happened to Oklahoma County's CARES Act money?

In August, after acrimonious debate, the Oklahoma County Budget Board voted to shift the majority of the $47 million the county received from the federal CARES Act to the jail trust, over the objections of County Commissioner Carrie Blumert and others.

What is Danny Honeycutt doing in Oklahoma County Jail?

While P.D. Taylor was sheriff, attorney Danny Honeycutt represented him. This drama — which shows no signs of receding — has unfolded around an organization aimed at making Oklahoma County’s aging and heavily maligned county jail a more humane place to house those who break the law.

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