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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ohio Revised Code?

The Ohio Revised Code contains all current statutes of the Ohio General Assembly of a permanent and general nature, consolidated into provisions, titles, chapters and sections.

How many laws are there in the state of Ohio?

The general laws of the state of Ohio. The Revised Code is organized into 31 general titles broken into chapters dealing with individual topics of law. The chapters are divided into sections which contain the text of individual statutes. The laws are collected and published in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC or RC). [ View Site ]

What is the Ohio Administrative Code OAC?

Ohio Administrative Code The rules adopted by the agencies of the state of Ohio. State agencies adopt rules to carry out the policies and intent of laws passed by the General Assembly. The rules are collected and published in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC or AC).

When was the Ohio Revised Code Title 29 (crimes) created?

However the current organization and form of the Ohio Revised Code Title 29 (Crimes) was completely re-written and issued into law by the General Assembly in 1974. The Constitution of Ohio is the foremost source of state law. Legislation is enacted by the Ohio General Assembly, published in the Laws of Ohio, and codified in the Ohio Revised Code.

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