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What are some historical events in Ohio?

Ohio citizens remember many historical events from the past. On December 21, 1818, the town of Hinkley,(southwest of Cleveland) had almost no food. All the citizens gathered decided to hunt on Christmas. At sunrise on December 24, and men an boys hunted all day and came back with an amazing load of food.

What historical events that happened in Ohio?

1978: Blizzard of 1978-The worst winter storm in Ohio's history. 1979: Public schools in Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland begin busing pupils to eliminate segregation. 1986: Astronaut Judith Resnik, of Akron, dies in the Challenger space shuttle explosion. 1993: The Lucasville Prison Riot results in the deaths of nine prisoners and one guard.

What are some historical places in Ohio?

Ohio Historical Places. Flint Ridge is an ancient Native American flint quarry. You also won't want to miss the historic Cranberry Bog located on Buckeye Lake which is symbolic of the effects that the glacier had on our area. History buffs can also enjoy: The Alexandria Museum, The Davis-Shai House, Granville Historical Museum,...

When did Ohio actually become a state?

Here's When. Ohio became the 17th United State on March 1, 1803, just seven years after Moses Cleaveland landed near Conneaut Creek and began to survey the area. At the time it became a state, Ohio had a population of around 45,000 people.

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