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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the experience rate for a new employer?

If an employer's account is not eligible for an experience rate, the account will be assigned a standard new employer rate of 2.7% unless the employer is engaged in the construction industry, in which case the 2017 rate is 6.2%, the 2018 rate is 6.0%, the 2019 rate is 5.9%, the 2020 rate is 5.8%, and the 2021 rate is 5.8%. Delinquency Rate

How does a common rate group work in Ohio?

By forming a common rate group, the unemployment experience of two or more Ohio employers are combined to obtain a single SUI tax rate.

How are workers’ compensation rates determined in Ohio?

Under the Ohio workers’ compensation system, each classification determines its own rate. The total losses of each classification, when compared to the total payroll of the classification, produce the rate of contribution from the employers within that classification.

How do you calculate the premium for an experience rate?

This rate is used to calculate the premium for an experience-, group- or retro-rated employer by multiplying the rate times reported payroll. Blended rate - Rate that employers see on their payroll reports by manual classification.

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