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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the employers experience modification rate?

An employers' experience modification rate refers the factor calculated from actual loss experience amd used to adjust an the businesses manual premiums (higher or lower) based on the businesses loss experience relative to the average underlying manual premiums. The Modifier (X-mod) compares the insured experience to the average class experience.

What is a workers'compensation experience modifier?

A workers' compensation experience modifier automatically applies a pricing credit, or a debit, to adjust the rates and the price of a policy. What is an EMR Rating? Experience modifiers (Emod's) are an objective methodology of rewarding or penalizing a business based on premium and claims.

How does Ohio's workers'comp rate compare with other states?

Ohio rates are 6% below those rates of the median state according to the study. Workers Compensation helps Ohio employer find the lowest workers' comp rates when they need other states coverage outside of Ohio.

What is a credit experience rating modification?

A credit experience rating modification lowers the net premium cost of the insured. A credit experience rating modification shows that the insured has less than average loss experience.

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