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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is on the Ohio Edison website?

This Ohio Edison page contains online logins, phone numbers, bill pay, customer service contact, power outage maps, payment methods, hours and jobs. Skip to content VIEW RENTAL PROPERTIES

How many customers does Ohio Edison serve?

Forgot Username or Password? Ohio Edison serves more than 1 million customers in northeast and north central Ohio. How can we help you today? Can you identify a scam? Link to Need help with bills?

Is Ohio Edison first energy company?

This page covers the Ohio Edison, a First Energy Company, headquartered in Ohio. Scroll down to find how you can pay and read your bills, change your service or contact Ohio Edison. The payment section explains all the methods you can use to pay your electric bills.

How do I cancel my service with Ohio Edison?

If you’re leaving the area, you will want to cancel your service with Ohio Edison. Log into the Ohio Edison website and fill out the following form to end your service. If you do not cancel your service, you will continue receiving bills and you will be obliged to pay them. Cancel Service (Ad) We Buy Homes (Ad) View Upgraded Apartments

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